We have reached the time of the year where summer is coming to an end, and back to school shopping is soon approaching.  While this time is important for so many families across the country, Simone’s Kids also wanted to do something special for our students at God’s Hope Primary School.  In Uganda, every student is required to wear a uniform to school every day. As you can imagine, kids simply being kids can cause the uniforms to be worn out rather quickly.  When a uniform is worn out or torn, it is up to the family to either replace or repair it.  In the community around our school, many families are not able to buy a new uniform or fix a torn one, so students come to school in their tattered uniforms that are missing buttons or have holes in them.  In an effort to take the stress off of our students’ families, we have decided to do a campaign for uniforms.  We thought that a simple way to do this is by selling Simone’s Kids t-shirts!  Each shirt is $20; $7 goes towards the cost of the shirt and $13 goes to purchasing a new uniform at God’s Hope! The t-shirts are Comfort Colors and the design is one of a kind.  Sizes go from toddler all the way to XXL.  Consider helping our students by giving them a new uniform while you get a new t-shirt! 


Posted on July 25, 2017

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