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Since becoming a mother a couple years ago, I have come to appreciate the value of providing for my child a proper education.  I watch my little boy play and interact with others and realize the importance of a solid foundation. The beginning of his childhood can make a huge impact on his future. So many mothers around the world cannot afford to send their children to school because not even public education is without cost. There are many moms working side jobs only to keep the family fed. In their culture, paying for an education is a luxury, not a necessity such as food and shelter.

Simone’s Kids recognizes these needs in Uganda and comes along side these women. Women who want the best for their children, and we offer and provide them with hope. We take their children and start them in school so that they can have a solid foundation. The children in the Simone’s Kids program have a hope that they can one day provide for their own future families. One day every one of these children are going to be mothers and fathers themselves. We are expecting that with the help of our programs our kids will grow up to be leaders in their country. These students will be making a bigger impact in their communities and changing the world around them.

Please help us change the future for a child, a family, and an entire country.

Sponsor a child or share with a friend about the opportunity. It WILL make a difference. 

Sponsor a Child

Posted on May 14, 2018

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