Making our campus a better place to learn

As our schools grow and our buildings age, we are continually evaluating opportunities to make our facilities best support our students and staff. Distracting issues and uncomfortable classrooms make for a poor learning environment, so maintenance and improvements are a top priority for our organization.

The following list was developed by our staff in Uganda to help us prioritize our work over the next few months. If you would like to pledge your support toward making these improvements to our schools, please use the link below. Thank you for helping our students learn!

Support Upcoming Projects

High School

Project Cost Est.
Projectors $ 1,780
Furniture $ 5,487
Staffing Quarters $ 23,551
Girls Dormitory $ 35,000
10 Classroom Block $ 150,000

Primary School

Project Cost Est.
Paint for Offices $ 157
Security House $ 172
Compound Pavers $ 1,853
Solar Panels $ 2,330
Chairs for Library $ 5,265
Music & Arts Theatre $ 37,000
Primary Boarding Section $ 70,000
Library Roof $ 1,005
Kitchen $ 945
Land Acquisition $ 22,000
Farm Project $ 8,000
Flushing Toilets $ 6,700

Support Upcoming Projects