Our Story and Mission

Simone’s Kids started in a small dorm room during our founder’s sophomore year of college. The need came through an email about a small group of children that were no longer going to be able to attend school because of poverty. The school needed $500 to stay open or the children would be back working on the streets. Simone Puccinelli, started a project called Simone’s Kids in order to save this school. After visiting the children several times, Simone fell in love with the children and their heart for learning, and there Simone’s Kids was born. Simone’s Kids takes care of orphaned and poverty stricken children that are unable to afford an education, but desire to excel in life. We individually sponsor children through our Primary and Secondary School.

Our Leaders


Simone Puccinelli Founder & President
Founded Simone’s Kids in 2010
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Mason Satterfield Director of Programs
Started in 2013
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Godfrey Kayiire Director of Uganda
Founded God's Hope Primary School in 2008
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Katy Davis Administrative Assistant
Started in 2016
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Chris Gitta

Chris Gitta Director of Child Sponsorship
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Morgan Longshore Director of Pre-school

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Michael Puccinelli

Micheal Puccinelli Director of Research
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Join Us

Three ways to get involved with Simone’s Kids:

1. Sign up for updates (we usually send one a month—we respect your inbox!).

2. Sponsor a child
Become part of the steady heartbeat of the organization. Our sponsors literally are the reason the school continues to flourish. It is because of our sponsors that we can keep our school open and running.

3. Take a trip with Simone’s Kids
Our group trips usually happen during the summer. If you are interested in joining the team next summer, get details and apply here.

4. Support us while you shop!
Sign up with Amazon Smile and Giving Assistant and a portion of your purchases will be donated to Simone’s Kids.

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